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About the Knowledge Platform

The Knowledge Platform provides access to reference documents, case studies, guidelines and presentations related to the ‘Environmental Friendly Technology’ for the Textile and Pulp & Paper sector. The Knowledge Platform is conceived to bring in information on best available technologies without entailing excessive costs to the industry and other stakeholders. This will also be a virtual room for different stakeholders to develop jointly related documents.

The Knowledge Platform is aimed to serve the industrial communities/ solutions providers, regulatory authorities and financing institutes (dealing with such technologies) by way of providing access to reference documents, case studies, and guidelines and check list related to the ‘Environmental Friendly Technology’. It is intended to exchange information not only about technology but also on management tools, proper maintenance, planning and sizing of techniques, education of workers that includes safety issues and measures too. The platform is designed in such a way that it also facilitates the flow of information, which may be sought in the subject area by the user to the provider and vice versa. 


 The "Knowledge Platform" is led by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) and it is supported by the Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre (GCPC), GIZ and UBA. All the supporting partners are playing a distinct role in working towards promoting the BAT principles and environmental friendly technology, without entailing excessive costs. GIZ is bringing on board the knowledge base from its long experience of working in the Industrial sectors over the years in India and also the global experience through the network of UBA. GCPC as a local partner is identifying the pertinent issues critical to the local Industrial sectors. GPCB is steering the knowledge platform to propagate the BAT principles for the larger audience in the Gujarat Industries through its various regulatory directives. This would in-turn help developing this as a model ‘Knowledge Exchange Platform’ from the regional perspective, which subsequently can be expanded to the national level. 

The knowledge on most advanced stage of production techniques and their methods of operation are provided, in the European context by the Best Available Technique (BAT), which can be implemented in a particular industrial sector under economically, and technically viable conditions, and which provide the most effective protection of the environment as a whole. The Knowledge Platform has access to the BAT Reference Documents from Europe.

In the European context, BAT describes the environmental standard that industrial installations in the European Union (EU) have to apply in order to get the required operation permit. The relevance and usefulness of the BAT Reference Documents (BREF) for India could be for:

  • Using as a reference document for checking potential solutions for addressing environmental problems from an industry or sector, or for setting standards,
  • Using for benchmarking the improvement needs in different sectors,
  • Developing an action plan for cost-efficient environmental improvement in the identified industry sectors, and
  • Coming up with new reference documents for India integrating the cost aspects and technologies/techniques relevant for India.

The German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt - UBA), is engaged in the European information exchange on Best Available Techniques and the elaboration and revision of Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Documents and has come forward, in cooperation with GIZ (Indo-German Environment Partnership Programme), to extend its support to the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) in promotion of the BAT principles that can cater to the following industry sectors:

  • Textiles sector, and
  • Pulp & paper sector.


The idea of the ‘Knowledge Exchange Platform’ on Environment Friendly Technology is culmination of various discussions and consultations that were initiated during the last more than a year a year with regard to the promotion of the ‘Environmental Friendly Technology’ in the state of Gujarat. GPCB, GIZ, UBA and GCPC have expressed their interest to support the development of the Platform and make it operational. 

The initial focus of the Knowledge Platform is kept on two of the resource intensive sectors, viz. Pulp & Paper Sector and the Textile Sector. Initially even though the platform will focus on the two important sectors, in future there is plan to extend it to the other industrial sectors.

The Knowledge Platform brings with it relevant publications of GPCB, GCPC, GIZ etc. and is hoped to become a store house of knowledge that would be beneficial for the industry in Gujarat.