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Roundtable on “Environment Friendly Technologies in Pulp & Paper Sector”

August 05, 2014; Vapi, Gujarat

A Roundtable on “Environment Friendly Techniques in Pulp & Paper Sector” was conducted by GPCB, in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, the Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre (GCPC) and the Vapi Industries Association on August 05, 2014 at Vapi, Gujarat.

The roundtable was intended to discuss the environmental friendly technologies that were implemented in various recycled paper industries of Vapi, and on the way forward for replication as well for improving of environmental status in other recycled paper industries in Vapi.

Mr. V. R. Ghadge, Senior Environment Engineer from GPCB, Mr. Bharat Jain, Member Secretary of GCPC and Mr Sharad Thakur, President of the Vapi Industries Association addressed the participants in the opening session of the Roundtable. Mr. Tushar Jani, GIZ Consultant explained the programme overview and the results to be achieved from the Round Table.

Through a presentation, Mr. Nitesh Patel from GIZ explained how the solutions were identified to various environmental problems in the pulp & paper industries in Vapi, and detailed the measures implemented in industries on pilot basis, as well as their economic and environmental benefits achieved. This was followed by presentations from various industries that showcased success stories from their premises. These industries included M/s. Damanganga Boards Mills Pvt. Ltd., M/s. Vaibhav Paper Boards Pvt. Ltd., Rama Pulp & Papers Ltd., M/s. Best Paper Mill & M/s. R. A. Shaikh Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Raghu Babu Nukala, Senior Technical Advisor & Programme Coordinator moderated the discussions on replication of measures and on the way forward for replication as well to improving of environmental status in other recycled paper industries in Vapi. Exercises with the participants helped to identify willingness for implementation of the identified solutions in their companies and the group exercises helped to identify measures that could be implemented in general in the recycled paper industries.

In conclusion, industries where solutions for environmental improvement would be implemented were identified, a road map worked for achieving improvements by the pulp & paper industries in Vapi on removal of suspended solids in wastewater, improving wastewater treatment, proper management of plastic waste arising from raw materials (waste paper), and for improving energy efficiency.

It was evident from the Roundtable that several environment-friendly technologies were already successfully implemented by waste paper recycling industries and those were wilfully shared their experiences with other industries to facilitate their replication.

Also, it was decided to set up a Technical Committee with members from pulp & paper industries and the Gujarat SPCB to indentify additional environment friendly technologies and solutions that could be implemented and shared amongst industries for their replication.