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Textile Sector

Gujarat is one of the leading industrial states in India and textile industry in particular had contributed in a big way to the industrialization of the State. In fact, development of many industries likes, Dyestuff, Chemicals, Engineering/Foundry and Cotton farming is solely dependent on this sector. The State is well known for development of Hy-breed Cotton, Ginning, power looms, composite mills, spinning units and independent processing Houses. Overall economic growth of the State is very much dependent on this sector. As per GPCB report1, 24% to 28% of fixed investment, production value and employment of the SSI sector are from textiles alone. Further, 23% of GSDP comes out of textiles in the State, 16% of the cultivated land area of the state is for cotton and Gujarat is the largest cotton producer in the country. About 30% of woven fabric from organized sector and 25% of decentralized power loom sector of the country comes from this State alone.

Large Fabric Process Houses are concentrated in Ahmedabad (250) and Surat (350) in the State. The State accounts for 12% share of the total textile exports of the country. A large number of Garment Units and Garment Processing Units are developed in urban areas of the State. Clusters of processing units are located at Surat, Ahmedabad (Narol) and Jetpur. Though these units fall under decentralized sector, some of them operate on medium scale production capacity having good capability of processing wide range of fabrics.


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