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Efficient Fibre Processing by Recovery through Rotary Screen-1


Removal of contaminants and recovery of fibres and fines from process water including centri-cleaner & pressure screen rejects is necessary for cleaning process water. This case study describes how use of Special Rotary Screen helps to maximise the process of recycling as well as recovery of fibre.

Implementing Industry

Best Paper Mill, Unit 1 located in Vapi Industrial Estate, produces Kraft Grade Paper with present capacity of about 160 TPD by using local and imported waste paper as raw material. The industry is medium scale with an annual turnover about Rs. 130 Crores.

Implemented technology / technique


  • The Centri-cleaner reject and Pressure Screen reject containing fibre (0.5% of total production 160 TPD) were under constant re-circulation in paper machine process water which reduced the quality of water as well as that of product due to reduction in strength of the fibre and TDS built-up within process water.


  • The Centri-cleaner & Pressure screen rejects are isolated from paper machine circulating system and subjected to a dedicated rotary screening system to recover fibre and water.

  • Installation of a 0.5 mm slot Rotary Screen system is done for the isolated stream. 

Economic benefits

The capital cost incurred in the process was Rs. 150,00,000 and the estimated savings was of Rs.36,00,000 per annum giving a payback period of in 4 years.

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Mr. D.B.Ashar (G.M.);