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Installation of Poire for Fibre Recovery from Coarse Rejects (Plastic Waste)


This case study describes how poire system is used to remove the plastic waste from pulp slurry that comes from the Hydro Pulper and through which fibre loss due to mixing with plastic waste can be avoided.

Implementing Industry

Best Paper Mill, Unit 1 located in Vapi Industrial Estate, produces Kraft Grade Paper with present capacity of about 160 TPD by using local and imported waste paper as raw material. The industry is medium scale with an annual turnover about Rs. 130 Crores.

Implemented technology / technique


  • Pulp slurry containing plastic waste was collected in a tank and then coarse rejects (plastic) were removed manually onsite.

  •  Fibres loss with plastic waste was estimated to be around 0.5% (based on 160 TPD productions). This plastic waste along with fibres was sent to a Cement factory for co-processing as waste from Paper industry.


  • Industry planned to install a batch processing Poire system for efficient defibering of the pulp and reduction in the fibre loss while removing the contaminants from the pulp. Thus, the loss of fiber to the cement industries as waste for co-processing can be avoided.

Economic benefits

The capital cost to be invested by industry is about Rs. 80,00,000 with estimated savings through fibre recovery will be Rs. 36,00,000 per annum i.e. with a payback in 26 months. 

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D.B.Ashar (G.M.);